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Spanish National Water Polo Team - Felipe Perone

2008 Summer Olympian – WristWidget Fan and User

Widget for TFCC Polo injuries

Nigerian Polo Team

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Kristy Smith- Professional Golfer - WristWidget

Kristy Smith- Professional Golfer

Australian professional golfer who plays on the Futures Tour and the Ladies European Tour – sporting her WristWidget

Francesca Tomas - Professional Bowler

I just wanted to share some more action photos of me bowling with the WW. I can’t live without it.   So once again, thank you :)”   ~Cheska

Tyler Michael Rojas Filliben - Professional Baseball Player

I use the Wrist Widget daily, both on the field and in the gym, as the only device that I trust to keep my wrist strong and ready for the demands of 140+ game season.

Perfect for Rock Climbing

My daughter was supposed to stop climbing for 4 months. She went back to climbing after 1 month of therapy, faithfully wearing the brace.

Blue Man Group Drummer

“Thanks to the WristWidget, I think I can play another 3000 shows!”

TFCC Injuries

Ulnar (pinkie) sided wrist pain caused by TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) injuries used to be challenging to treat.  Surgery often yields disappointing results and extended recovery times; thick, hard, uncomfortable braces make sports and everyday tasks challenging.

Enter Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT.  Wendy’s nearly 25 years experience as an Occupational Therapist treating hands gives her great insight into this injury.  After opening her practice in 2000, Wendy noticed in increase in TFCC injuries and realized that there wasn’t a splint to treat this specific injury.

The WristWidget™ was invented and patented in 2005.  The device works by “squeezing” the two wrist bones together with just enough force that relieves the tension on the ligament without affecting blood flow to the wrist and hand.  Once the tension is removed, pain is relieved, and the ligament can focus on healing itself.

The WristWidget is comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Over 20 years of research and 10 years of research and market testing have been invested to perfect the device. Additionally materials have been sourced from 7 different countries to locate the VERY best material for long lasting performance. The splint works beautifully! However if it is not working for you there is something more at play with your wrist.

Weight Bearing Test to determine TFCC injury

• Use a NON digital scale

  1. Test on the unaffected wrist first  
  2. Test the affected wrist – slowly
            Stop at the edge of pain – any pain!

• Wrap 2 pieces of 1/2″ non-elastic tape around wrist (watch video for important instructions)
3.  RETEST with the tape on your wrist

If you have a TFCC injury there should be an immediate increase in weight bearing ability, and your pain should be greatly reduced.

Record your results
Right Hand without tape _______  with tape ________
Left Hand without tape   _______  with tape ________

Meet the WristWidget™

Why the WristWidget™ works on TFCC tears:

TFCC. Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex

The TFCC is the main stabilizer of the wrist.  It is a ligament connecting bone to bone.  It supports the wrist with grip, weight bearing and rotation (supination and pronation).

What makes the WristWidget™ unique?

This one size fits most wrist support features two Velcro straps, which you can adjust as needed. Increase the pressure when lifting weight, or doing the activity that causes the pain, then decrease the pressure when resting.

Created by a hand specialist, with extra strong Velcro, the WristWidget™ is designed to last for continuous wear for 3 months.

Experience immediate pain relieve as well as wrist stability as soon as you put it on. If you have any questions, you have direct access to the creator of WristWidget™.

  • One Size Fits Most (Improved version fits both petite and regular sized wrist! )
  • Each splint can fit either/both Right and Left Wrist
  • Decrease Pain In Grip, Weight Bearing and Rotation (supination and pronation)
  • US and International Patent 11,857,434
  • Made in the USA!
  • Lifetime guarantee!

My wrist hurts, how do I know if it’s the TFCC?

Some common signs and symptoms of a TFCC tear are:

  • Pain, localized to the ulnar (pinky) side
  • Pain that gets worse with simple gripping and rotation movements (opening a door or using a can opener)
  • It normally does not swell.
  • Clicking, snapping, or crackling (crepitus) These are not present in all patients with TFCC tears.
  • Pain with weight bearing activities.
  • Feeling of instability