Weight Bearing Test Results:  20-45#

Test results in this range indicate a significant injury.  

For proper healing, you must wait for X-Ray results to rule out a fracture BEFORE beginning the treatment we’ve outlined below.  If your wrist is fractured, it must be cast so the bones can heal properly first. The following treatment plan is for wrists WITHOUT a cast, or after the cast has been removed.

Muenster Splint

Muenster Splint

If you can get a referral for a Meunster Splint, this would help in your recovery.  It eliminates motion of the elbow and rotation of the wrist.  It requires a prescription and an appointment with a hand specialist and therapist.

Expected recovery time in this phase ~ 3 months

  1. Order your WristWidget  
  2. Protect your wrist – No lifting anything over ONE POUND (yes, we mean one pound (.5 kilo))
  3. Wear the wrist splint you purchased in the initial steps section, OVER the WristWidget to prevent flexion (bending) of the wrist.  Use the wrist splint every night until your weight bearing tolerance is 45#.
  4. Conduct Weight Bearing Test on your wrists one time each week.  Record your results on the Weight Bearing Test Log (green button).

Diet & Exercise

It’s time to start a clean diet: low sugar, low gluten. no processed foods, ++ dark veggies, + lean protein. Limit your protein intake to no more than 30% of your daily macros (Protein / Carbs / Fats). Many patients report that this injury occurs in conjunction with eating a high protein diet.

Cardio exercise for 20 minutes daily – increases the heart rate and helps the body to heal.

Eastern Medicine

Eastern Medicine correlates the TFCC with the gut.  Acupuncture 2-3 times a week is helpful in healing. Many patients report improvement when Turmeric is added to the diet.


Join the TFCC and Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain Group on Facebook. This is a place where patients, therapists, physicians, alternative medicine practitioners can share their stories and experiences with this most disabling and mistreated injury

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How to put on your WristWidget

When your Wrist Bearing Test results on the injured wrist reach 45# you are ready for the next step on the healing path.  Congratulations!  Please click here to be transported to the next path in your journey!

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