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Entertaining, motivating, touching, useful tidbits. Feel free to share them and put a little sparkle in someone's day.

For when you’ve done something great.

“I feel, I feel, I feel happy of myself!”

When you’re feeling really good about life.

Jessica’s Daily Affirmation.

Have you ever been “soooo close”?

Scroll to 2:45 for the best part.

When we need to be reminded that we matter.

A message for all women

Women don’t hear this enough.

Say something

God, I need to hear you.

A message for all men.

Men need to be reminded of this.

When we think we can’t.

Never give up

One man’s life transforming journey, and confirmation that yoga is for anyone.

The Death Crawl

What you can do is only limited by your mind.

Give a little – Get a little

One person can make a difference.

When our human-ess gets in the way.

Get Service

We rarely see the whole story.

Cardboard testimonies

Christ loves everyone and everyone is transformed through him.

Lifehouse – Everything

A moving skit about struggles we face each day – as teens and adults.

Stars and dots shouldn’t matter

A child’s book that should be read by all adults.

Life hacks.

Makeup, knots, and humps

Simple, effective, efficient tips Disclaimer – this is my video, and it’s kinda great.

Never use more than 1 paper towel per trip again, ever.

This clever hack will make you feel good and count to 12.

You have been doing it wrong

Tie your shoes the right way – laces won’t come undone. For reals.

When you need something fun.

Sprinkles are for winners

Progressive commercial

I unfriend you

Esurance commercial poking fun at Facebook.

Have you met Flula?

Rock Paper Scissors – your logic is not right.

Stop trying to fix it.

I’m guilty of telling my husband this. “Don’t fix it. I just need you to listen.”


Yes Poo~Pourri is a real product. Yes Poo~Pourri is clinically proven to work.

Flula Again

Eenie Meenie Miney NO! “I did hear this song the other day and think it must change immediate.”