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About LTM (Me)

Little Town Marketing – DeAnne

I’m passionate about bringing small business owners and their customers together.

Little Town Marketing was founded in 2015. I know how tough it is for small businesses to get noticed in a big world.  I began designing websites in 2000, and have done so in nearly every business I’ve worked.

I was born and raised in the lovely town of Wabash, IN, (known to be the first electrically 💡 lighted city in the world). Avon became our home in 2018.

A wee claim to fame is when a BIG Hollywood celebrity discovered a site I’d built when looking for insurance for his avocado farm! It led to more celebrity clientele.

My husband and I love to travel all over the world.  For a while, we traveled to “B” places – Burtnieki, Latvia; Budapest, Hungary; and Berlin, Germany.  We collect Art Deco nudes and flower frogs, Navajo weavings and pottery, Penland artisan pottery, and pretty rocks.

img-4Mia, a Cornish Rex cat is my co-worker.  She is a frequent visitor to all Virtual Meet meetings.

When I’m in shape, I love to work out and lift heavy weights! Yes, I have a recorded leg press of 1200# 😲  I enjoy painting, finger-crochet, and being creative.  Ask me about our custom doors!

 I’m good at what I do, and would be very happy to make your website dreams come true.  Whether you want a site to inform and educate to a large e-commerce site, I have the wisdom and experience to do the job – efficiently and effectively.


The Little Town Marketing Wizard

We are here to help others help others

DeAnne has been a close mentor of mine for years and I owe much of my success to our relationship. DeAnne is someone who knows the value of people and truly believes we are here to help others help others. Her ability to manage chaos is second to none. Operations, marketing, web design, leadership, etc. you name it.

DeAnne is someone who is able to over deliver on any task while still somehow keeping the team engaged and stimulated – fostering an environment where people actually want to be… a place where people can learn and grow both professionally and personally. Her energy and positive outlook/perspective is contagious.

The best part about working with DeAnne is that you know when you show up, she’s showing up with you – day in and day out – and you’re leaving a better person every time.

Cody Beeks, Team Leader, Client Experience Operations. Rocket Mortgage

Incredible Knowledge

DeAnne has an incredible knowledge of how to make websites effective and user-friendly.  She managed the Rotary District (6540) website during my tenure as District Governor

Steve Van Scoilk, –President, Holmes Insurance Agency, Inc

Valuable Asset!

I was fortunate enough to work with DeAnne on a Billboard Campaign project. From brainstorming to completion, DeAnne kept the project on-task and offered creative input that produced a beautiful end result.

DeAnne’s understanding of technologies also amazed me. Her firm grasp on tools such as graphic design and web development as well as an overall keen marketing sense makes her a truly valuable asset to her company and those around her.

Arrick Garringer, Marketing & Development

My Highest Praise!

 DeAnne does what she says she’ll do and she does it promptly and efficiently. I definitely like my updated website and her marketing efforts have resulted in qualified leads.

Troy Smith, Owner, Espresso Enterprises

She creates calm out of chaos

During the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working with DeAnne Clifton. Her skills at website creation, analytics, customer service, and creating calm and order out of pure chaos are second to none. My confidence in working with DeAnne has been so strong that she now works on a second project I am involved on a much larger scale. The members of my team absolutely love working with DeAnne and she operates as a member of our team with the same level of drive for success. It just doesn’t get any better! Providing a recommendation for her is truly a privilege.

Theresa Brandon, President, National Service Animals Monument Corporation, & Central Indiana Canine Association, Inc. 

Problem Solver

Give DeAnne a problem to solve and she will not only fix it she will make it better. I worked with DeAnne for a number of years and watched her get the specialty programs at our agency up and running full speed. The program maintenance and keeping up with current social media trends made her invaluable. Her creative personality and out of the box thinking makes her a natural for marketing.

I would recommend DeAnne for any company interested in growing their potential and as a bonus they get to cap the positive energy she brings to the workplace.

Karen Huntington, Commercial Service Specialist, Hylant, Fort Wayne

She’s a wizard!

DeAnne is a wizard when it comes to mastering the world of chaos and social media frenzy. Design and marketing strategies are her forte. I have sought DeAnne’s council on past sensitive Human Resource issues and she offered confidential guidance. She’s an ace; an all-around executive-level professional.

Christine Flohr, –Executive Director, Visit Wabash County


I’m so glad I found DeAnne!  If you want to actually ENJOY working with someone, she’s your person.  She’s extremely responsive and great at communication, wonderful with clients, and knows her way around WordPress and all related technical things. 

Katie Thompson, –Owner, Pinecoast Creative

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