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Always know what you’ll pay for monthly care and maintenance.

Select the service that’s right for you.  Do you already have a website but are looking for someone to maintain it?  We can certainly do that for you.  An updated website is critical.




Monthly maintenance only.



PER MONTH – 5 hour retainer

All MAINTENANCE functions as well as requested duties found below.



PER MONTH – 10 hour retainer

All MAINTENANCE functions as well as requested duties found below.

Maintenance / Caretaker option:
All website software updates, performance monitoring and correcting, backups, and security updates.  No client directed service provided.

All Hourly Retainer tiers have the following service options available:
• ALL Maintenance / Caretaker services listed above are included.
• Analytics review and report
• SEO – Search Engine Optimization
• Business directed website updates and changes (photos, text, layout)
• Email Campaigns
• Blog articles – for website, for LinkedIn, etc.• Monitor social media posts for efficacy and impact, suggest improvements
• Plan, create, and execute online advertising campaigns For Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc. (actual advertising costs not included)
• Create up to event flyers, signs, business cards, billboards, newspaper advertisements
• Create social media graphics – according to best practice sizes recommendations
• Monitoring site for hacker attempts, banning IPs, etc.
• Available service options are not limited to the above.  Let me know what you would like.

Retainer Services
• Retainer and Maintenance only charges begin 14 days after site is launched and is live.
• Retainer and Maintenance only services continue monthly and can be changed/cancelled at any time with a 30-day notice from either party.
• Retainers and Maintenance only service fees must be received on or before the first of the month.