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The lost are found.

Is your website functional on computers, tablets, and phones? Is your website promoting outdated information?  Do you have a website?

We can help you find visitors who’ve left you for something current and usable.

The lost are found.

Do you talk AT or WITH your visitors?

We help you form and develop relationships so that visitors become your business ambassadors.

The lost are found.

Are visitors to your business or site lost because of mixed branding messages?

Let’s create focused and consistent messaging and branding.

Focus on the right thing

When your website is focused on providing an enhanced experience for your visitor or customer, you will open opportunities that you’d never thought possible.  

One of the hardest lessons for a business to embrace is:

It’s not about you.  It’s about your visitor.

First Impressions Count

A visitor makes the decision to stay or leave your website in the first half a second! And 94% of first impressions are based entirely on looks, not content. 


Visitors expect for your information to be easy to find.

No one likes getting lost in the rabbit trail of links taking them to links taking them to more links.  


Your visitor doesn’t want to be visually attacked.  Your site should be clean and well maintained.  Your information should be up to date and relevant. 


Statistics show that your site is probably visited over 60% of the time by visitors on their smart phones.  Is your site responsive to all sizes and shapes of devices finding it?

Convention Center Carpeting and Websites

I am fascinated by hotel and convention center carpeting.  The patterns, the color – each one could be a work of art. Just take a look at the beautiful carpet images below. Now, I may not understand everything that goes into the creation of the carpeting, but I certainly appreciate the beauty of the outcome.

Websites are similar.  You want your website to reflect your business’ personality – we understand the process needed to make that happen so that you and your visitors can appreciate the outcome.


Be a reflection of your style

Is your business – formal or quirky? informational or commercial?  Does your business stand out from others?


Provide an easy visit

Your site must be easy to use and navigate for a positive user experience


Have a clear purpose

Do visitors know within the first seconds what you do?


Answer your visitors questions

Walk in your visitors shoes – what questions will they ask when on your site? 

Some of our great designs.

Some of our great designs!

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Exactly what we envisioned!

Little Town Marketing and DeAnne came highly recommended. After trying unsuccessfully to update our website, we found out that the program that was used to create it was practically obsolete and making changes was difficult even for the company that initially built the site. That is when we found DeAnne. She asked for ideas and examples of what we wanted and kept us updated all through the process. We are very pleased, as a small nonprofit, in both the price and personal effort that was put into our new website. It is exactly what we envisioned!

Becky Arnett, Executive Director, Wabash Habitat for Humanity